Cloud | November 15, 2019

Voice Transcription – Otter AI

I spend a lot of time typing and often that is the slowest part of my proposal creation process.  

So I decided to revisit voice transcription services (they weren't that good a few years back) with the goal of talking to my computer instead of typing.

After googling around town and reading till my eyes hurt, I downloaded Otter from Otter AI.

Otter uses AI (artificial intelligence) to improve its accuracy and I was surprised that it worked so well.

Below is the video of a test that I did.

It has a an app for your phone and works in a web browser, so I can use at my computer while creating proposals or taking notes while out and about on my phone that I can review and convert to text later.

otter app

In conclusion Otter AI and voice transcription works.  I am going to continue to test it and adapt to my business.  

Anything to help speed things up and give my fingers a rest!

If you are interested in Otter, you can visit their website here and have a dig yourself.

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