Security | February 27, 2020

Top 10 Travel Security Tips

Our Top 10 Travel Security Tips

  1. To protect your email accounts from being hijacked, make sure multi-factor authentication is enabled
  2. Avoid using public Wifi as they are not secure.  If you do, set your computer to ‘public network’ when you connect (this increases your computer security)
  3. Don't leave devices unattended and try not to advertise that you’re carrying a valuable computer
  4. Turn off blue tooth on laptops and phones when not needed
  5. Make sure your devices and laptops are fully patched to latest operating system and security patches
  6. Make sure you have cyber security software installed and activated
  7. Make sure computer is set to lock automatically when you walk away from it
  8. Be mindful of emails you receive when you are travelling, especially ones asking for payment
  9. Make sure you have backups of data.  Limit the data you have on devices when travelling (don’t take anything sensitive data with you)
  10. If you have to pay an invoice while travelling and the sender is stating their bank details have changed, ring them to confirm (don't email as their email account may have been breached)

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