Security | September 25, 2019

Microsoft Unusual Sign In Activity

This is an exact copy of an email from Microsoft notifying you of unusual sign in activity (typically triggered when your account is accessed from a different IP address – which can also indicate an account breach).


It certainly puts the fear into people when they receive it and straight away you are tempted to click to investigate!

I have seen the real ones before and this is a very good replication:

  • The reply domain is
  • The time stamps and IP addresses are real
  • Fonts and format exactly the same

The only way I nutted this one out was to hover over the link it tried to send me to – goes to suspicious looking domain (aka don’t click).

The tricky thing is it could be real and need to be investigated once verified as legitimate.

So if you do get one of these be very careful and best to send to us for further investigation. Contact Us

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