Cloud | September 15, 2020

Microsoft Lists

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Microsoft Lists was launched this month.

You may have already received notifications in Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365 update notifications to let you know about it.

Microsoft Lists is available in most Microsoft 365 plans, is easy to use and deploy to your business. It is super handy to help manage listed data (price lists, to-do lists), tables and tasks.

You can quickly and easily customise a Microsoft List to suit your business use case and it integrates with Microsoft Teams so everyone can get to it easily.

A simple example is a price list for commonly used products 

This price list is integrated with Microsoft Teams so that it can be quickly accessed and referenced.

microsoft lists price list example

The above use case was imported from a table in Microsoft Excel and took less than 5 minutes to deploy.

Another business use case would be a list of tasks for your team to work on (after a meeting), a list of metrics or an issue tracker for a machine / hardware or software. 

You can create a new blank list, use a template or reuse an existing list.  All easy to setup and customise as you need.

Watch our video on how to get started and integrate with Microsoft Teams below 🙂

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