Security | March 8, 2021

Massive Microsoft Exchange Server Hack

Tens of thousands of organizations that are running self hosted Microsoft Exchange Server (Email Server) servers have been back-doored by various threat actors who are stealing administrator passwords and exploiting critical vulnerabilities in the email and calendaring applications.

The attacks are widespread and from what I have read, conducted by multiple countries and groups.  The majority of reported breaches are coming the USA, where many of their organisations are running self hosted Exchange Servers such as police departments, hospitals, city and state governments and credit unions.  This could easily affect our government and other organisations that are using these Servers and have not yet patched them.

Microsoft has released emergency code and details on what do here

This is the biggest hack I have seen and will likely have lasting consequences due to the level access given to the hackers.

Fortunately Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365 , Microsoft 365) wasn’t affected by these breaches so if you are using the cloud, we can all take a breath and not stress – but it is another timely reminder that we need to be mindful of security.

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