Cloud | April 1, 2019

3CX – the cloud phone system every business needs

The 3CX phone system is one of the most popular cloud phone systems on the market, being used by the likes of McDonalds, American Express, Boeing and some of the biggest companies in the world. But don’t let that put you off, the 3CX system is an efficient phone system for all sized businesses, so if you’re a local Gold Coast small business, keep reading…

Why 3CX

We think comparing the 3CX cloud phone system to a normal phone system is like comparing the Commodore to a Tesla. While the Commodore will get you from A to B, the Tesla uses the latest technology and is continually evolving. 3CX is the same, but most importantly, it’s extremely cost effective.

Why be locked into an expensive contract when you can save on calls with 3CX? Our call plans are unlimited to both landline and mobiles (with 13 and 1300 calls charged at .22c), and we have a super competitive overseas call rate.

How does 3CX work?

To keep it simple and stay clear of the technical jargon, 3CX uses the cloud and the latest HD VoIP (Voice Over IP) calling technology to deliver a clear, reliable phone service to any device in any location.

It’s designed to improve productivity and streamline communication within your company and when connecting with clients. It integrates both voice and video at no added cost, improving communication with remote staff and clients.

3CX takes a holistic approach to the humble phone system, integrating with all devices, giving you the flexibility to use the good old handset, mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac – or even just a webpage and from anywhere you have internet.

With only a few simple clicks this business phone system allows you to set up a voice or video conference call, on-demand or integrated with your calendar, which is great for staff meetings or if you want to set up a catch-up with a client.

All calls are logged and 3CX has an extensive reporting system that shows you how many calls each user receives, calls that are missed and how long your customers have to wait on hold. Calls can also be recorded in case of disputes.

cloud phone system

It’s easy to use

The 3CX business phone system works just like your existing phone system, but with a few big advantages.  Your employees can use whatever device suits them, or it can be used with a normal handset to give you the best of both worlds!

Here at 2Gen we think it’s a great solution for staff, allowing them to set their status to away while they’re unavailable, and manage missed calls and voicemails via emails that are sent directly to their inbox. Oh, and did we mention there is a central address book that gives all your staff access to important numbers?

Never miss a call, improve your customer service and save money, when it comes to cloud phone systems 3CX is the full package. If you’d like to know more, chat online, call us on 0756767240, or visit our contact us page.


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