Cyber Security Education and Awareness


Every modern organisation allows staff to use the internet in order to carry out day to day work.

Educating your staff about cyber security, internet threats and email security is an important strategy in minimising risk.

If they know not to go to suspicious websites, download from the internet and not to click on dodgy email links or attachments half the security battle won.


Please explore these valuable resources that we have compiled to help educate yourself and your staff.  This will make your life much easier.


The Australian governments take on threat landscape

A good read for business owners and staff to understand the threats to Australia

To help get your head around the cyber security gargon

Malware and Virus Definitions

The Value of a hacked pc

value of a hacked pc

The value of a hacked email – Why would a hacker want to hack an email account?

Email Safety – We send this to clients to help educate staff about email safety


Please download and use our free sample internet acceptable usage policy.  It covers acceptable usage of the entire organisations IT Systems
Sample Acceptable Usage Policy

Please download and use our free lost or stolen laptop policy.  Use this for staff that are on the road.

Lost or Stolen Laptop Policy

Mobile Device and Data Storage Policy

Spam Detection

Red Flag email check list



We can provide on-site or remote cyber security awareness training with your employees to help educate them and reduce the risk to your business.