Cyber Security

Cyber Security and Privacy Assessment

Nothing is more important than your companies reputation.

A sure fire way to improve or tarnish your hard earned rep is how you handle a cyber security incident.

If you are prepared and handle a cyber incident well, you have the opportunity to improve your reputation, conversely if you are unprepared and fail, you get a public kicking..

To top it off, with recent privacy act changes you may also have to report to the Government, which can result in increased regulatory scrutiny and litigation.

Your business needs to be cyber resilient to survive.

Get an assessment, know your risks and do something about it.

Classify Data

Identify your critical information assets and review protections

Prioritise Risks

Understand which key areas are going to need attention


Understand the most likely causes of a breach, the impact and what to do about it

Be Prepared

Prepare for a data breach and generate cyber awareness in your business

Find out how 2Gen can help you.

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Cyber Security and Privacy Assessment

2Gen Cyber Security and Privacy Assessments

Our assessment will help your business become cyber resilient and prepare for a cyber security incident. As part of our assessment we will provide you a breach preparation plan. 

This plan will help your business prepare for and respond appropriately in the event of a breach and reduces your chances of litigation and further scrutiny.

We also include notification templates to the government and to affected parties and a few key policies if you don't have them in place already.

The recommendations and mitigation strategies we make are realistic and in consideration of the nature and scale of your business.

Please allow 4 to 6 hours to complete and nominate a person who has a good understanding of the business and the information it uses to operate.

Our Cyber Security and Privacy assessment are suitable for any sized business and is an affordable and worthwhile investment and may save your bacon.

Either you are prepared or you are not prepared.