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Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Data loss can happen, even in the cloud!

While Office 365 offers geo-redundancy, archiving and other data protection features, it only retains deleted emails for 30 days.

If data is lost for any reason, there is no way to quickly and easily get that data back.

Get piece of mind, knowing that if email data is lost, a fast search and one-click restore will get an email, calendar or the entire mailbox can be restored – right back where it was, like nothing happened, so everyone can stay productive.

Don't stress if you delete an email and need to get it back

One Click Restore

Easily find the lost email data and One-click restore gets data right back where it was

Easy to setup

Nothing extra to install and it automatically adds new users and content

Unlimited Backups and Storage

Up to 6 snapshots daily with unlimited storage limits

Easy to Manage

Optional access for customers to restore data or we do it for you

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Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Cost effective and bacon saving

Everyone has deleted an email and thought oh #$#$ I need to get that back!!

Microsoft will keep it for 30 days, but outside of that retention period and you are outta luck.

Our solution fixes that problem by backing up all of your email data, including emails, contacts and calendars. It is really easy to setup and manage and we can provide specific staff member the ability to restore email data if required.

You pay a fixed fee per mailbox for unlimited backups and storage. You don't need to install any additional tools or applications either.

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