Cloud Services

The majority of business applications and services are now Cloud based and have the advantage of being available on any device and from any location.

The Cloud ecosystem is dynamic and continually evolving.  Increasing integrations that improve processes and speed everything up – delivery times, production times, turn around times and payment cycles. No more double data entry!

2Gen can really help your business grow and develop.

We know from experience, have the expertise and project management skill required to change your business for the better.

We can help you achieve success.

OUR Cloud Services SERVICES

Cloud Computing

The Cloud can offer your business applications greater application resiliency, faster and more responsive access and is scalable to meet demand.

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Microsoft Office 365 Auditing

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3CX Phone System

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Single Sign On - SSO

SSO will give your business central control over company website access and protect password integrity. SSO removes the risk of a staff member using a company website outside of the office.

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Dropbox for Business is a robust, secure cloud storage solution suitable for any business in any industry. It is easy for to use, cost effective and quick to deploy.

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Cloud Consulting

The cloud is a new technology, and new ways of utilising its power are being discovered daily. We will help you successfully migrate to the Cloud to improve your businesses and your bottom line.

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Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Data loss can happen, even in the cloud! While Office 365 offers geo-redundancy, archiving and other data protection features, it only retains deleted emails for 30 days. If data is lost for any reason, there is no way to quickly and easily get that data back. Get piece of mind, knowing that if email data is lost, a fast search and one-click restore will get an email, calendar or the entire mailbox can be restored - right back where it was, like nothing happened, so everyone can stay productive.

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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 is a suite of cloud products by Microsoft that provides enterprise email, collaboration, video conferencing and file sharing without having a server in your office.

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